RECAP Consultants Pty Ltd


Establishing Capability


Regulatory functions, by their nature, are very different to the policy and customer service delivery functions performed by government. Regulatory agencies, and staff operating within them, require core regulatory capabilities. RECAP can assist agencies to establish core regulatory capabilities.

Enhancing Capability


Having established core regulatory capabilities, most agencies redirect efforts to improving and increasing their overall capability. This transition is often driven by a need for increased efficiency and effectiveness of regulatory functions. RECAP can assist agencies to enhance regulatory capabilities.

Evaluating Capability


Regulation, like most functions of government is subject to periodic evaluation. Often the catalyst for evaluation takes the form of reviews (internal or external) that seek to ensure the ongoing need and relevance of regulatory functions. RECAP can assist agencies to evaluate their regulatory capabilities.


Continuing Professional Development


RECAP delivers core offerings relating to:

  • regulation and enforcement (foundational, intermediate, advanced),
  • leadership and ethics (foundational, intermediate, advanced).

RECAP has the qualifications and experience to deliver  core offerings, and develop customised and specialised training to meet your needs.

Facilitation and Discovery


RECAP has facilitated:

  • regulatory workshops and planning days covering innovation, strategy and risk,
  • regulated industry and stakeholder consultation focus groups.

RECAP has the credentials and credibility to be a trusted authority when agencies are changing the way they deliver regulation and enforcement. 

Reports and Reviews


RECAP has developed independent:

  • reports to support agencies modify their regulatory posture,
  • reviews of regulatory practice and delivery to improve regulatory outcomes.

RECAP has a recognised reputation and record for producing written reports that combine theory and practice to improve regulatory outcomes.

Business Improvement


RECAP has:

  • conducted gap analysis of the systems, processes, and procedures within agencies,
  • designed, developed and successfully implemented improvements within agencies.

RECAP has an established record of working with  agencies to identify sub-optimal practices and then develop practical and implementable improvements.

Recruiting and Selection


RECAP has:

  • recruited staff, by performing roles as chair, member, and advisor to recruiting panels, 
  • selected staff, as part of regulatory assignments, projects, and secondments.

RECAP has a proven ability to be involved in merit-based recruiting and selection processes that are fair to all parties, and can withstand scrutiny. 

Coaching and Mentoring


RECAP has:

  • coached staff to reach their  potential and attain goals,
  • mentored staff through career transitions and other challenges.

RECAP has the cultural credits  required to establish and build the rapport and trust necessary to coach and mentor regulatory practitioners and professionals. 

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Service Delivery Principles

RECAP Consultants are committed to:

  • working with clients to develop practical and implementable solutions to regulatory problems.
  • acting in the best interests of the client at all times.
  • providing independent, credible, and evidence-based advice.
  • only accepting assignments that we are appropriately qualified to perform.
  • the highest levels of professionalism and ethical behaviour.
  • treating any and all information confidentially.
  • agreeing in advance the scope and price for the professional services provided. 

Service Delivery Approach

RECAP Consultants provide services that:

  • can be generic or customized; dependent on your needs
  • are based upon a discussion with you; around your specific regulatory issues
  • are delivered in a manner determined by the nature and extent of the advice and guidance sought; whether for individuals, teams or larger groups.